Friday, 8 June 2007

The Benefits of 'Why'?

Just a short note, I'll be out with a longer blog in the not to distant future. The quick point I wanted to drop in here relates to the concept of 5 Why's. If you look at Wikipedia's definition of 5 Why's it predominantly focuses on the approach as a method used to explore the cause/effect relationships underlying a particular problem, what it fails to mention is the benefits of such an approach.

Why am I telling you this? Well reading David Allen's book "How to Get Things done - The art of Stress-free Productivity" I came across a nice succinct answer on page 63. As I've referenced David above, let me quote some of the benefits he identifies:
  • It defines success.
  • It creates decision-making criteria.
  • It aligns resources.
  • It motivates.
  • It clarifies focus.
  • It expands options.
David does define each of the points above in greater detail, for the purpose of this post though I simply thought it effectively highlighted the elegance of the 5 Why technique.

Give it a go.....

Let me know if you agree, maybe we'll do something about the Wikipedia entry.



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