Sunday, 18 November 2007

Crazy Bosses by Stanley Bing

'Crazy Bosses' is a book I picked from my wife on my inaugural fathers day. Nice catchy title, the blurb on the back of the book uses quotes such as 'fearless', 'sly humor' and 'Bing is Hilarious' - 'Laugh-out-loud'. To be honest I got none of this when I first started the book.

Over a week of persistent reading and the traditional I'll give it to the next chapter to get better the book eventually dropped of my preferred reading list and then sat Dormant. That was until I got my own Crazy Boss.

It was like reading the book anew, sitting down after one more frustrating night with the 'Crazy' boss which included lots of bluster and talk of resignation etc, and the book suddenly had some context. It is a brilliant chuckle, as long as you have someone to compare it to.

Not only is it a good read, when you have the context, it is exceptionally accurate. I was in fact dealing with a 'Bully' Boss and the description of the behavior's, although a little more extreme, and I say only a little more, were spot on.

You are able to breath a sigh of empathetic relief at the fact that this is not a new situation, and that you are not alone, you can also benefit from the differing strategies suggested at the end of each chapter.

Over-all, not a bad book when you have the context in which to read it. I'd suggest this is the sort of book that if you do buy (and don't get a crazy boss thrown in for free) and do not have an immediate use for, put it on your bookshelf, it may be invaluable in the future. My copy is still in use, it has been handed onto one of my peers who is sharing my 'Crazy Boss'.

If you're interested the following link will take you to Crazy Bosses: Fully Revised and Updated



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