Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Reading your own writing

Occasionally I surprise myself. Over the last couple of weeks the organisation I have been working for has gone through some fundamental changes - in particular the IT Organisation announced some major restructures. The particular significance of these restructures is that they appear to be absorbing the traditional CIO Role into, and making it an accountability of General Business managers. The surprise - well I was arguing this particular point a few years ago in a mini thesis I wrote on increasing the chance of project success.

Second to that one of my graduates asked me this week my perspective on Agile, this is actually the reason I looked this document up in the first place - to see what I'd waffled on about. The pleasant point is I wrote this article in 2004, and here we are on the cusp of 2008 and my observations/predictions are still current. Or is it more scary than pleasant.

Anyway, the above two points, plus my ongoing neglect of this blog and finally the curiosity of publishing a document using "The Google" has resulted in the below link. Enjoy - I hope you find it an interesting read. (it is approx 40,000 words, so consider yourself warned)


Your feedback and opinions would be of interest to me.



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