Thursday, 15 April 2010

Short & Sweet - Slidument's

I am madly writing a white paper in preparation for the 2010 PacRim IT Service Management Forum and will subsequently be putting the presentation together.  During this riveting process of moving from a 'Blurt' to a paper of some quality and credibility I found myself not only referencing the concept of a 'Slidument' but actively avoiding this dire sin of presenting.  I do not want to be guilty of causing  Death-by-powerpoint.

Why am I telling you this?  Because the more people who start to understand and appreciate the burden that a mis-used tool such as powerpoint can create on society the better, and yes I do mean literally a burden.  The hours I see people spending working in powerpoint, printing them out to find that there is yet another change to the format, the image, the colour and so forth is phenomenal.  This all costs time, money and trees.

Anyway my short rant aside Garr Reynolds makes the point of slidument's in a much more eloquent way than myself so Please go have a read of this post.

Interestingly I have a second conference to attend later this month and Garr's post is very pertinent and has some sage advice I will be taking.



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